Prof. Sahana Murthy

Email ID: sahanamurthy [at]


My Thesis Guide

During the PhD programme

Interdisciplinary Programme in Educational Technology

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

2019 - continuing

Prof. Anil Kumar K.

Email ID: anilkumark [at]

My Dissertation Guide

During the Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Regional Institute of Education (NCERT), Mysuru

University of Mysore

2016 - 2018

Dr. Bose M.K.

Email ID: bosemarakath0 [at]

My Principal and Teacher

During the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Physical Science

MES KSHM Training College, Edathanattukara, Kerala

University of Calicut

2014 - 2015

Prof. Muthamil A.

Email ID: muthamil16 [at]

My Project Guide

During the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Electronic Media

Department of Electronic Media and Mass Communication

Pondicherry University

2012 - 2014